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Day Structure

Each student at Endeavour Academy starts the day in registration followed by seven lessons broken up by a morning break and lunch as follows:

Period Timing
Registration 08:45AM - 09:00AM
Period 1 09:00AM - 09:40AM
Break 09:40AM - 09.50AM
Period 2 09.50AM - 10:30AM
Period 3 10:30AM - 11:10AM
Period 4 11:10AM - 11:50AM
Lunch 11:50AM - 12:15PM
Period 5 12:15PM - 12.55PM
Period 6 12:55PM - 1:35PM
Period 7 1.35PM - 2.15PM


Registration Groups





(Structure correct as of September 2019)


Click here for full details on the Endeavour Academy Curriculum Statement