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Dress Code

Most schools have a uniform code which students are expected to follow. Uniform codes differ from school to school - for example, some schools insist on their students wearing a blazer and tie.

We believe that the dress code at Endeavour Academy is fair. Following a dress code creates a sense of community, and we ask our parents / carers to support the school by ensuring that their child comes to school following the correct dress code.

There may be occasions when there is a good reason for a student not following the dress code. If this occurs parents / carers should provide a note to explain why. When there is to be any change to the dress code, the school promises to consult with parents / carers and allow plenty of time before the change is implemented.

Years 10 & 11

  • Charcoal grey polo shirt with the school logo (£6.00)
  • Heather grey sweatshirt with school logo (£10.00)
  • White or black t-shirt with school logo for PE lessons (£5.00)
  • Smart black trousers
  • Black shoes

NB Trousers must be smart, plain black, formal (no stripes, combats, shortened trousers, jeans, jeggings or leggings).  

Shoes must be black and made from leather, or give the appearance of being made from leather. Plimsolls, Uggs, Flossies, Toms Hightops, Converse and any other form of canvas footwear are not allowed. Laces must also be black. There must be no coloured stripe or band on the shoe, including the sole of the shoe. Logos must be small and discreet.

If a parent / carer is unsure about what constitutes acceptable footwear they should contact the school.

Caps, of any description, must not be worn on the school premises. Large fashion belts are not an acceptable part of the dress code. Girls should not wear excessive make up. Hair bands should be thin and not overly decorated.

Hairstyles, Hair Colour and Nails

The school reserves the right to determine that a student’s hairstyle is inappropriate. This includes the cut of a student’s hair and the colour. For example, tramlines and Mohicans are not acceptable. Similarly, hairstyles which incorporate brightly coloured dyed hair, where colouring is in stark contrast to the natural colour of the hair are not allowed. Hair should be dyed in natural hair tones only. Nails should be of natural colour and length (no false nails or acrylic).

Tattoos which are visible are not allowed.  Any student with a visible tattoo will need to keep it covered up.


Students are permitted to wear one simple stud in each earlobe and a watch. No other jewellery is permitted. Body piercing that is visible, for example nose or eyebrow studs, are not allowed in school or on placement. Plugs and expanders are not allowed.


All students are expected to come to school with a pen, pencil and a bag large enough to carry an A4 file.