Wednesday, July 1, 2020 – 10:06Follow the link below for a bunch of ideas to keep you busy:…

On the website linked above there is hundreds of different activities that you can do to keep you busy and your mind occupied during this very uncertain time. Below is a list of some of the amazing boredom busters they offer:

Virtual Tours & Live Webcams –
You can view Earth from space, explore foreign lands such as beautiful Venice or be amazed by travel expert created virtual light tour over dazzling Lapland.

Museums Around the World –
Take a virtual walk around some of the most interesting, culture rich museums in the world!

Animals –
What better way to relax your mind than virtually visiting a variety of animals, from kittens to pandas and puppies to penguins. There is bound to be an animal-cam for you!

Explore the Oceans –
Safely explore the depths of the planets great oceans! Keep an eye out for any creatures of the deep that you don’t recognise – you could make a new discovery!

Want to learn something new? –
From introductions to engineering to 450 Ivy League courses, open and future learning – this website has it all. If you want to learn a new language or enhance your creative skills, this website has something for you!

Geography, Nature and History –
To broaden your knowledge in Geography, Nature and History from world games to online Film Festivals, UK parliaments and Historical associations; this section has it all!

Literature and Audio Books-
There is so much literature out there to help you get through these odd times. Whether you like fact or fiction, autobiographical or educational, there is something for you!

Music, Arts and Culture –
If your interests include music, art and culture you will find an array of resources and information designed to suit you. From learning knew skills to enhancing old ones, this section could progress all of your skills and turn you into a cultural knowledge mine!

There are literally hundred’s of options on this website to help you tame the boredom over the coming weeks, listed above are only a few. Have a look at the website and I am sure you’ll find something perfect for you!

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