About Endeavour Academy



Endeavour Academy is a Alterative Provision Free School, based inside East Durham College’s Peterlee Campus. 
Ideally suited to young people whose individual needs and circumstances prohibited engagement, attainment and attendance within their mainstream settings, the provision aims to support  those referred by their current school, improve their mental wellbeing and school engagement, raising aspirations and self esteem, providing new opportunities for success. 

The school offers students a tailored curriculum, with a combination of Core and Vocational courses, delivered using an alternative approach, alongside targeted interventions and a resilience programme of learning.

Due to the location and facilities on site, students have access to a small, secure space, separate from the main college cohort, alongside access to many of the vocational areas across the site.

Supervised and supported by Endeavour staff, students benefit both short and long-term, accessing work experience opportunities in a working salon, kitchen, restaurant, gym and other areas, as well as a valuable stepping stone into post-16 education.

Endeavour Academy staff offer an alternative approach to delivering a wide and varied curriculum, in a safe, nurturing environment where many barriers are removed, allowing personal and academic success.

Staff aim to empower all students and their parents/carers to develop skills and confidence to help themselves and others, building upon individual self-confidence, raising attendance, increasing levels of engagement and resolving many behavioural and relationship issues, both inside and outside of school.

Delivering a well-thought-out Personal Development programme, with bespoke interventions, staff promote the effective use of MECC (Making Every Contact Count) and teach/embed restorative practice skills to strengthen relationships, promote positive interactions and help keep themselves and others emotionally and physically safe.

Success is achieved by utilising strategies which provide opportunities for success, using positive reinforcement, reducing barriers towards learning, providing academic and social interventions, supporting peer relationships, developing resilience, and having close working relationships with parents/carers and other professionals.

Endeavour Academy staff strive to make a difference to the young people on roll.

Admissions are based on the following:

  • Can Endeavour Academy offer the student a suitable education and support their individual needs?
  • Does the student present with behaviour, both social and learning, that enables them to be safely supported by the provision within the college environment?
  • Students who pose a significant safety risk to themselves or others will not be admitted to Endeavour Academy.


Working in partnership

Endeavour Academy staff work closely with partner agencies such as One Point, Families First, The Local Authority Behaviour and Inclusion Panel, SEND Team and Virtual School, CAMHS, EWEL Team, Piece of Mind, ASD Advisory Team, Daisy Chain, Health, Community Cohesion Police, Local PCSOs, The Attendance Improvement Team,  Durham Works, Job Centre Plus, Human Kind, North East LEP and many more to identify potential issues, offer early interventions and make appropriate referrals to provide both short and long-term interventions to support individual, family and school/community needs. 

Staff work in collaboration with colleges and other post-16 providers to create and share detailed transition plans to support a smooth and effective  move into their next destinations.

The Endeavour Academy Careers and Transition Lead remains in contact with leavers for 3 years following their move, offering support and guidance when required.  

Students also benefit from additional careers support from Durhamworks who are on hand to assist should this be necessary. 

Staffing Structure

Endeavour Students' Feedback

These are real comments from our students.

“I’ve only just started here and I am really proud that I have done my first full week in school in over 18 months, I like it here.”
(Student 1)

“I actually enjoy coming here, I have made long lasting friendships already, my attendance is the highest it has ever been.”
(Student 2)

“Endeavour Academy is a fun and healthy school with really good education and very nice and polite teachers with smart teachers.”
(Student 3)

“Endeavour is a good environment. The staff help you to learn and be happier in general.”
(Student 4)