Governing Body

Endeavour Academy is currently in its infancy and is part of the Apollo Schools Trust of which Endeavour is currently the only Academy.

As we operate as a petite provision, initially our Trustees served in the role of a Governing Body consisting of five members in total.

More recently, as the provision has undergone further expansion, we have established distinct Governor and Trustee Committees.

The primary responsibilities of these committees include:

  • Establishing the strategic direction of the academy
  • Monitoring and assessing the performance of the academy
  • Ensuring the continuous success and growth of the academy

This setup is essential for maintaining the high standards and efficient operation of our educational establishment.

Trustees & Governing Body Overview

For full details on the current governing body, please see the document below.

Trustees and Governing Body document

Register of Business Interests

For full details, please see the document below.

Trustees Register of Business Interests