Endeavour Academy Curriculum Statement
A carefully planned and structured curriculum is the foundation upon which excellent learning and development is built. At Endeavour Academy we believe our curriculum has the attributes to deliver this. The curriculum is carefully planned to ensure that content is thoroughly revisited so that learning ‘sticks’. Whilst it undoubtedly prepares students excellently for external examinations there is a strong emphasis through the various elements on developing:

  • a ‘love of learning’.
  • the soft-skills required to be a productive member of the work force.
  • an understanding, through the careers programme, of the opportunities available to students once they leave school.
  • an understanding of ‘British Values’ and the implications for life in modern day Britain.
  • students spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning.

Our curriculum is constructed on the following principles to support the above; namely that:

  • acquiring subject specific knowledge is key for students to be able to solve complex problems.
  • students need to practice the knowledge and skills they have learnt in lessons so that they can use them when they need.
  • many opportunities are built into lessons to secure the needed to recall and retrieve previous learning, so that it can be embedded. This enables students to apply knowledge with increasing confidence.
  • care is taken to ensure that students encounter the prior knowledge needed to access the curriculum before it is needed in class. This is achieved through careful curriculum planning (for example, ensure mathematical skills needed in science are taught in maths before they are applied in science) and through the tutorial programme which focuses on behaviour for learning themes (for example, independence and co-operation) to train students to become independent learners.
  • development of language is the remit of all subjects.
  • all students should experience a careers education based on the Gatsby benchmarks that underpin a world class careers education.
  • the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect of those with different faiths and beliefs are taught explicitly and reinforced in the way in which the school operates.
  • SMSC is embedded into tutorial and curriculum programmes.
  • Lessons develop resilience, they set high expectations for students; teach them to set realistic, achievable goals, and also how to reach out for help when needed. Staff nurture positive qualities, such as empathy, optimism and forgiveness, and give students a chance to use them encouraging students to develop a positive relationship with themselves and learn how to self-regulate.
  • All lessons develop computer skills and incorporate opportunity for students to develop computer literacy (for example refined internet searches, presentation of work or specific project based learning) with tutorials dedicated to promoting e-safety.
  • We are a restorative justice school preparing students for life by learning how to confront fears, and identify their own solutions to make amends.

Our Curriculum Structure

Please see the curriculum structure table in this PDF document – Curriculum Structure.

English Language Curriculum

English at Endeavour Academy harnesses the creativity of our students and removes the shackles from their imagination. We explore a range of fiction and non-fiction texts that encourage genuine intrigue.

Please see the English curriculum details in this PDF document – English Curriculum.

Maths Curriculum

Maths is a core subject and as such is studied by every student in the academy. Maths is an important part of daily life where qualities that are used in mathematics can be applied. Such as abstract or special thinking, critical thinking, creativity, reasoning and problem solving. Mathematics can even promote effective communication skills used in daily life.

Please see the Maths curriculum details in this PDF document – Maths Curriculum.

Money and Finance Education Curriculum

Financial education is a programme of study that aims to equip young people with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their money well. In September 2014 it became a statutory requirement for maintained schools in England to teach financial education in mathematics and Citizenship, making it part of the curriculum across the UK.

Please see the Money and Finance curriculum in this PDF document – Money & Finance Curriculum.