Homework Support

Homework expands upon the learning which takes place in the classroom environment.

Our project-based learning activities encourage students to take what has been learned and apply it to other settings strengthening the educational experiences for our students. Our projects are meant to be fun and we intend for our students to be creative in how they complete them.

We ask parents to support us by entering into discussions with your child about their learning and communicating with the school if there are any areas of concern or need for clarification.

Providing an area to work, away from distractions and offer praise to help boost confidence on how they have completed tasks for example ‘I like the way you have completed that’ as opposed to “well done”.

Home Learning Platforms


All students and teachers now have free access to Seneca – a revision and homework platform making studying more fun. Seneca is an interactive way to learn official course content. Their web app covers 150+ exam board specific courses condensing what students need to know for their exams. The software is able to identify gaps in learning. For instance, when you get a question wrong, the platform will repeat the topic in different formats and their smart algorithm has proven to make students remember topics 2x faster.

Seneca is totally free for students, teacher and parents. You can sign up via senecalearning.com

SENECA Learning (click here to log in)

Hegarty Maths 

Hegarty Maths (click here to log in)

The London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) Lessons in Financial Education Programme (click here to log in)

SEND Resources

Oak National Academy (click here to log in) 

All subjects – Revision and Resources

Oak National Academy (click here to log in) 

BBC Bitesize (click here to log in) 

After School Activities / Clubs

Opportunities to brush up in preparation for the exams, catch up on any lessons missed due to absence, extra support with topics you may be finding difficult.

Maths and Science Drop In Session – Tuesdays (2.30pm – 3.30pm) 

English and Citizenship Drop In Session (2.30pm – 3.30pm)