Parents' Feedback

“I cannot praise the school enough, my son has gone from an anxious boy who would not attend school to a young man who looks forward to attending and has progressed a massive amount in all areas, the support given here is excellent.”
Charmaine Topping

“My son was very different before attending Endeavour. He gave up on education and he gave up on himself, he didn’t have a future. For 10 years I’ve never had a good report from school. He is now a completely different person, he has good relationships with staff. He is now very respectful and has motivation. He used to really struggle getting out of bed for school but now he is happy as he feels respected. I can now see a future and it is all down to Endeavour. He was very frustrated and I couldn’t trust him to even cook. Now he has the confidence and right attitude and I can trust him. Endeavour has 100% given my son a chance in life.”
Dianne Clarke

“How Endeavour has change my son’s life: – He now feels like an individual not a number, – It is so nice to see a smile on his face Best thing to ever happen, it is lovely and I see the results every day. Thank you so much.”
Ms Mills

“My daughter has recently become a student at Endeavour. May I say she is like a new mature person, the staff are excellent and understanding with her and I am so glad. I can only praise the staff for their hard work, a blessing for parents.”
H Wilson