Dress Code


Our uniform is very simple and intended to place little financial burden on parents / carers.

It is Endeavour Academy policy that students wear the following uniform.

Grey sweatshirt with school logo (first item provided by Endeavour) – £12.00 to purchase.

Grey polo shirt with school logo (first item provided by Endeavour) – £8.00 to purchase.

Black school trousers (no leggings / jeans or trousers with rivets) or black school skirt of knee length with black opaque tights.

Plain black school shoes (flat with no heels).

If a parent / carer is unsure about what constitutes acceptable footwear they should contact the school.

PE Uniform – only to be worn in sports hall / gym areas

T-shirt with school logo (first item provided by Endeavour) – £6.00 to purchase.

Tracksuit bottoms (no leggings or lycra).


Endeavour Academy provide all learning equipment.

Jewellery / Accessories

For the purpose of health and safety we do not allow ear expanders or earrings other than one set of studs, no tongue or nose piercings.

Caps must not be worn on the school premises.

Hairstyles, Hair Colour and Nails

The school reserves the right to determine that a student’s hairstyle is inappropriate. This includes the cut of a student’s hair and the colour. For example, tramlines and Mohicans are not acceptable. Similarly, hairstyles which incorporate brightly coloured dyed hair, where colouring is in stark contrast to the natural colour of the hair are not allowed. Hair should be dyed in natural hair tones only. Nails should be of natural colour and length.

The UK prohibits anyone under the age of 18 to have a tattoo. Tattoos which are visible are not allowed. Any student with a visible tattoo will need to keep it covered up.

Mobile Phones / Tablets

We recommend that expensive phones / tablets are not brought into school, however we appreciate that parents may wish to check on students who may be walking home after school. All phones/tablets brought into school remain the responsibility of the student.

For safeguarding purposes phones/tablets are no longer allowed in the main body of our school. All phones must be switched off and handed in at reception. Any student wishing to access their phone on a lunch break will need to use it downstairs in the refectory area and hand it back in before attending lessons.

Endeavour Academy accept no responsibility for items handed in and we recommend these are kept at home.


Any students found with a phone on them in the main school area will have them confiscated and parents will be contacted to collect the device.

Any student not in full uniform will not be allowed into the main school area, parents will be contacted and asked to collect them and students will be issued with a pack of work to complete until the uniform issue is resolved.