Dress Code

Endeavour Academy Uniform Policy

At Endeavour Academy, we uphold a strict uniform policy to create a cohesive and inclusive learning environment for all our students. Uniforms serve as a practical way to instill a sense of pride, equality, and discipline among our student body. It is vital that all students adhere to these guidelines to ensure a harmonious atmosphere conducive to effective learning.

All students are required to wear lanyards and photo ID issued by the school at all times while on school premises. This measure aims to enhance the security of our school community and monitor access to our facilities effectively.

We understand the financial strain that purchasing school uniforms can sometimes pose on parents and carers. Therefore, we have carefully selected a simple and cost-effective uniform that minimizes any financial burden. Our uniform consists of the following items:

  • Grey sweatshirt with the school logo (first item provided by Endeavour) priced at £12.00.
  • Grey polo shirt with the school logo (first item provided by Endeavour) priced at £8.00.
  • Black bottoms (jeans and trousers with rivets are not permitted) or black school skirt with black opaque tights.
  • Plain black shoes or trainers, including laces and logos, without heels or long boots.

Should any parent or carer have uncertainties regarding acceptable footwear, we encourage them to contact the school directly for clarification. It is imperative that students are dressed according to these guidelines to maintain a professional and focused learning environment.

By upholding our uniform policy, we aim to foster a sense of identity, equality, and pride within our student community. We appreciate the cooperation of all parents, carers, and students in ensuring compliance with these uniform regulations.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in upholding the high standards of Endeavour Academy’s uniform policy.

In the event that a parent/carer experiences financial difficulty and requires assistance in purchasing specified uniform items, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Family Liaison Worker who will assist (conversations and support will remain confidential).

PE Uniform

  • Round neck T-shirt with school logo (first item provided by Endeavour) – £6.00 to purchase.
  • Plain black bottoms.


  • To further support parents / carers, Endeavour Academy provide all learning equipment required to support the student’s learning journey.


Jewellery / Accessories / Tatoos

  • Jewellery: For health and safety reasons, the academy prohibits the wearing of ear expanders or earrings other than studs, as well as any tongue or nose piercings.
  • Accessories: Scarfs, Caps or other hats are not permitted to be worn within the classroom. 
  • Tattoos: In line with UK legislation prohibiting individuals under 18 from getting tattoos, Endeavour Academy upholds this restriction. Visible tattoos are not permitted within the school environment, and students with such tattoos are required to keep them covered while on school premises.

By adhering to these guidelines, students at Endeavour Academy demonstrate their respect for the institution, their commitment to personal discipline, and their readiness to engage wholeheartedly in all aspects of their educational journey. Let us work together to uphold these standards and foster an environment conducive to academic and personal growth.

Mobile Phones / Tablets / Electrical Devices

We recommend that expensive phones, tablets, and any other electronic devices are not brought into school. However, we acknowledge that parents or carers may wish to communicate with students who are walking home after school or traveling a greater distance. Any phones or tablets brought into school are the sole responsibility of the student.

For safeguarding reasons, phones and tablets are strictly prohibited in the main school areas. All devices must be powered off and handed at the reception to be securely locked away throughout the school day. If a student needs to use their phone during lunch break, they must do so in the designated refectory area downstairs and return it before re-entering the main school premises.

Endeavour Academy does not accept liability for any loss or damage to the devices handed in, and we advise that where possible, these items are kept at home to prevent any potential issues.


Any students discovered contravening the school policy by deliberately possessing a mobile phone within the main school premises will have the device confiscated. Subsequently, parents or carers will be informed to retrieve the device and ensure it remains at home.

The staff at Endeavour School are committed to addressing uniform-related concerns promptly. An ample supply of uniform items is accessible if needed; however, students who intentionally persist in not wearing the school uniform will not be permitted to enter the main school premises. In such cases, parents or carers will receive a call to collect the student who will then be allocated work to complete until the uniform matter is rectified.